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Queensland's first accredited Environmental Education Centre

Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre, located in the Gold Coast hinterland has been awarded a 5-star cleaner greener school rating by environmental movement, Keep Queensland Beautiful.

The first ever Environmental Education Centre to receive the accolade.

Cleaner Greener Schools is an environmental sustainability 'accreditation' recognition platform and 'awards' program for educational institutions in Queensland, with plans to go National in the next twelve months.

Accreditation provides an opportunity for schools to be recognised for their clean, green and sustainable actions through six key focus areas: Litter, Waste, Recycling, Water, Energy and Biodiversity.

"Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre is going above and beyond what other Environmental Education centres we've visited are achieving," said David Curtin, chief executive at Keep Queensland Beautiful.

At the unveiling of the recognition signage, David Curtin also spoke about the areas of sustainability (that the centre excelled in) that impressed the judges.

"All staff continue to embed our First Nation's peoples and cultures throughout the centre, with the flags flying proudly alongside signage at the entrance acknowledging the traditional owners of the land, native tree plantings and bush tucker garden with interpretive signage, and the indigenous artwork adorns the walls of the indoor learning space.

"Their unique solar energy USB charging station in partnership with Substation33 is the first of its kind in Queensland that we've seen, and as it is a portable structure, it can be used for school incursions and outdoor events.

"The entire centre is now powered by solar energy, with battery storage, so the school is basically "off the grid"

"Visiting students from across South East Queensland are engaged in waste reduction on site, learning the benefits of using the three-bin system, with all organic waste being reused on site in the composting system and worm farm - then used in the gardens to grow fresh produce.

"Nesting boxes can be spotted around the campus, building a natural wildlife corridor in a semi-urban environment."

Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre's Principal, Kalindi Brennan was excited to be the first ever Environmental Education Centre awarded a 5-star rating in Queensland.

"We are thrilled to have been recognised for the sustainability practices visible across our site and woven into learning activities and programs for students from pre-Prep to Year 12." said Kalindi Brennan, the Environmental Education Centre Principal.

"Students are invited to be environmental champions and custodians of Country while engaging with our programs. We hope that all students leave our centre inspired and equipped with everyday sustainability skills they can apply tto positively impact their own local environment.

"We are also proud of our work in the community with mentors, partners and stakeholders. Our P&C hosts community tree-planting events monthly, as part of regeneration and biodiversity projects to restore natural habitats in Numinbah Valley.

"We are keen to be ambassadors for Keep Queensland Beautiful and support other schools to engage with the Cleaner Greener Schools program."

Pictured Above (L to R): Sharyn Yaun, Ben Kober, Melissa Traill, David Curtin and Kalindi Brennan

(scroll down through the photo gallery to see a snap-shot of the 5-star initiatives engaged at the Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre, and read more about Keep Queensland Beautiful under the photo gallery)

About Keep Queensland Beautiful

For 50 years, Keep Australia Beautiful (Queensland) aka "Keep Queensland Beautiful" has played an integral role in litter prevention and waste management education. Our iconic programs such as Tidy Towns, Clean Beaches and Cleaner Greener Schools bring communities together to enhance and protect their natural environment, build community spirit and to implement sustainable practices and programs.

Our programs motivate people to enhance the quality of their local environment through personal initiative and community action programs.

Through interaction with local governments, businesses, schools, community groups and committed individuals, Keep Queensland Beautiful engaged a state-wide network of grassroots volunteers who work towards achieving a cleaner, litter-free Queensland.

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